Programme 2023 – 2024


15th Photography Basics (Digital)  Carl Wright  
22nd Practical Evening – bring your camera   Nasar  
29th Life is not a rehearsal (Digital) Anne Sutcliffe  


6th 1st Club Competition

Print (Colour x3 & Mono x3)
Theme: Landscape (PDI x2)

(Digital)  John Haines  
13th My Photographic Journey (Digital) Lee Sutton*  
20th Landscapes (Digital) Terry Livesey  
27th Portrait Evening – bring your camera   Nasar  


3rd Black Light – bring your camera Practical  Nasar  
10th  Simply Mono Prints Colin Trow-Poole  
17th Portrait Evening – Peaky blinders Practical Nasar  
24th 2nd Club Competition

DPI (Colour x3 & Mono x3)
Theme: Natural History (DPI x2)

  Judge – Bob Goode  


1st Critique Evening (Digital)   Members Zoom
8th Audio Visual Night   Members Zoom
15th Fun Evening (Digital)  Club Members Zoom
18th Xmas Dinner @ La Fibule, Moseley   Club Members  


12th MCPF Portfolio (Digital)    Zoom
19th 3rd Club Competition

DPI (Colour x3 & Mono x3)
Theme: Creative (DPI x2)

  Judge – Eileen McCausland Zoom
26th  Take Ten   Members Zoom


2nd Six Societies Interclub  SBPS Judge – Ralph Duckett  
9th  Observational Photography Digital Colin Walls  
16th The Art of Composite Photography Digital Robert & Sharon Prenton Jones*  
23rd Get Creative Digital EJ Lazenby*  


1st Image 24 Practice Run   Members  
2-3rd Image 24 – Selection of Exhibition entries    Members  
8th Panels and AV competition DPI/Prints/AV Judge – TBA  
15th The Kingdom of the Ice Bear Digital Bob Johnson*  
Thur 21st Interclub v Shirley & Knowle Shirley PS Judge – TBA  
22nd  4th Club Competition

Print (Colour x3 & Mono x3)
Theme: Portrait (PDI x2)

(Digital)  Judge – Dave Tucker  
Thur 30th        
29th Good Friday – No Meeting!      


5th Interclub v Yardley & Sutton Coldfield SBPS Judge – Mike Sharples  
12th President’s corner Digital Roger Dickens  
19th Best of the Year   Judge – Peter Gennard  
26th Portrait Evening – bring your camera   Members  


3rd Annual General Meeting   Club Members  

Please note:  The closing date for club competitions is the Sunday preceding the competition date. 

Members’ Tutorial Evenings are held on the second Wednesday of the month: