Programme 2018 – 2019


14th   En Vacanc en Provence     (Digital)     David Grounds

21st   Malcolm’s Snaps     (Digital)     Malcolm Ranieri

28th   Creative Photography     (Digital)    Phil Moorehouse


5th   1st Club Competition     (Prints and Digital)    Judge – Tony Broom

12th  Portraits practical     (Bring your camera)     Roger Parry

19th Natural History     (Prints)     Ian Andrews

26th  Digital Odyssey     (Digital)     John Cartlidge


2nd  East & West & In between     (Prints)    Graham Walton

9th  Critique Evening     (Prints)    John Haines

16th  Photosynthesis    (Prints and Digital)     Peter Siviter

23rd  The History of 3D     (Digital)     Phil Brown

30th 2nd Club Competition  (Prints and Digital)    Judge – John Bissell


7th  Practical Evening    (Bring your camera)     Nasar Hussain

14th  Members’ Fun Evening    (Digital)    Club Members


11th  Take Ten Lectures     (Print and Digital)     Club Members

18th  MCPF Portfolio     (Print and Digital)     MCPF

25th  3rd Club Competition    (Prints and Digital)    Judge – Dave Tucker

  Six Societies    Interclub    Judge – David Lowe


1st  Macro Photography     (Digital)    Roger Dickens

8th  Photography in my Life     (Prints and Digital)     Neil Baggett

15th Panel & A/V competition     (Prints, DPI, AVs)    Judge – Graham Walton

22nd  Portrait evening    (Bring your own camera)     Club Members


1st 4th Club Competition     (Prints and Digital)     Judge – Paddy Ruske

8th  Exhibition Run-through     (Digital)     Nasar Hussain

8th  Interclub v Sutton Coldfield and Yardley (at Sutton Coldfield)  (Prints and DPI)    Judge – Dave Tucker

9 -10th  Image 19 – judging Exhibition entries    Kings Heath Friends Meeting House

15th  An Audio/Visual Journey     (Digital)     Malcolm Imhoff

22nd  Portrait Wonderland     (Digital)     Nasar Hussain

29th  Many Faces of China   (Prints)   Mike Sharples


5th TBC

12th Interclub with Shirley & Knowle      (Prints and Digital)    Judge – John Bissell

19th Good Friday – No meeting!

26th  Best of the Rest     (Prints and Digital)     Judge – Anne Sutcliffe

27th 2019 Annual Exhibition (Image 19)      Kings Heath Friends Meeting House Colmore Rd B14


3rd  Annual General Meeting                        Club Members


Please note:  The closing date for club competitions is the Sunday preceding the competition date.

Members’ Tutorial Evenings are held on the first Wednesday of the month:

3 October, 7 November, 5 December 2018
9 January, 6 February , 6 March, 3 April 2019

If you wish to download and print a copy of the programme, a PDF version is available here:

2018-19 Programme